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Cloud based meter data acquisition service for Industrial, Residential and Commercial establishments

Benefits of Meter Data Pack


Monitor consumer revenue meters to enable billing, prepayment, consumer portal, outage and tamper notification

Centralized tariff management, reporting for regulatory compliance


Manage peak demand to optimize demand charges and power factor incentives

Monitor power quality to minimize equipment damage and reduce operating costs

Commercial Buildings

Monitor various sections of your buildings to analyze the energy footprint, avoid wastage

Integrate with Building Management Systems or Energy Management Systems

Distribution Utilities

Lower overall cost of ownership for meter data acquisition and maintenance

Enable multiple makes of meters, tamper & outage alerts, regulatory compliance

Meter Data Pack offers cloud based meter data acquisition service for different types of energy meters including smart meters

Data acquisition service for scalable and secure meter reading infrastructure

Built-in support for DLMS/COSEM and also various industry standard metering protocols

REST API’s for integration with billing, energy data and meter data management applications

Solution Components

Application – Meter Data Head End on Cloud for reading instantaneous / load profile / billing profile / event profile data. Perform remote time synchronization, firmware update, connect / disconnect, load limit functions. Support basic Validation, Estimation and Editing (VEE) and simple REST API’s for integrating with third party applications. Meter Data App is validated with various brands of meters available in the market.

Sync Substation Gateway/Modem Hardware – Sync hardwares are substation ruggedized gateways for aquiring data from meters installed in substations or power system utility’s T&D network. Sync hardware boxes comes pre-installed with SyncConnect and also available on lease for qualified customers. Device Agent – Provides a standard methodology for establishing a secure connectivity from resource constrained devices like modems or communication modules of meters to

Edge Gateway Software – Supports commonly used metering protocols like Modbus, DLMS-COSEM, DNP3.0 etc. Built-in connectivity with Runs in any standard Linux OS based hardware. Validated in many commercial off the shelf edge gateway hardwares

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Kalki Meter Data Acquisition System Meter Data Pack is a cloud-based meter data acquisition software as service packaged for Industrial, Residential and Commercial establishments supporting all advanced smart metering functions.